We are a community of kind people who value the spirit of creativity in our daily lives. 

Bouncegarden is a space where who you are is as important as what you do. What do you love? What are your passions? This is a space where dreams are validated and nurtured. Where you will find encouragement to take the small steps needed to make giant leaps.

Our friendly, diverse group of members span across the globe and include: artists, IT professionals, scientists, motorcyclists, librarians, business owners, gamers, real estate investors, travel vloggers, aerospace engineer, stay-at-home parents, authors, anime fans, attorneys, homeschoolers, remote workers, cosplayers and more. 

Joy and delight are not viewed as “childish things” here, but essential for creating and sustaining happiness. Who says learning can’t be or shouldn’t be fun for adults? Who told you that play isn’t serious work?

Dream big. Be sparked. Inspired.

What bounce garden offers:

1) Over a dozen monthly virtual events to meet and engage with fellow members who become your extended commnunity and accountability partners. We host two fun book clubs meetups, eight "social gaming" sessions and a few special topic events every month. You can attend as many or as few as you'd like, but there is always something fun and creative blooming in the garden.

2) A "kind learning environment" where you are able to refine your ideas, launch your small business or enhance a social skill (e.g. public speaking). Find your voice among a supportive network of fellow doers.

3) Access to practical tools & tutorials for launching your dream business or refining your current one. Our members have launched IT companies, published books, developed creative courses and more.

Expand your horizons by meeting others who share current your interests and inspire you to develop new ones.

Our motto is simple.

Creativity in all things. Experience the greater potential of online community with us.